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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Does Jim Murray have any shame?

Since we at Maltresistance pride ourselves on our independence and outspokenness, here is the lowdown on one of the worst frauds in the Whisky industry. To wit:

Why would anyone consider Jim Murray an authority on anything, much less whisky, absolutely baffles me. Jim Murray is in the running for world's greatest fraud and he's got an ego to match. For starters, he modestly titled his collection of badly written (but often quite funny) tasting notes the "whiskybible", I suppose that in his own eyes this makes him the WhiskyGod....

I've always wanted to believe that Jim Murray was a good guy, a disinterested Whisky writer whose goal was to popularize Whisky in all of its incarnations... But everytime I try to give him credit, or take his tasting notes seriously, hard cold facts come in the way. For example, the other day I found out that the 3 brands of corn Whiskey made by Heaven-Hill distileries (Dixie Dew, JW Corn and Mellow Corn) were and have been for a long time, one and the same whiskey, same age, etc... Yet, Jim Murray reviews them as three seperate products and gives them wildy different grades and notes in his maltoporn compendium full of "impossibly-badly-written-its -funny-tasting-notes" and inuendos. (That's the aforementionned whiskybible in case you missed it!). To sum up, that's 3 different tasting notes, 3 different grades for the same whiskey!!! If that hilarious example doesn't bring home the fact that Jim Murray is a bufoon and a sorry excuse for a taster, nothing will.

If his hignessness (the greatest whisky writer in the world as he constantly refers to himself in his own book) comes anywhere near my town on one of his pontification tours I'll make sure to ask him why he gave great reviews and grades in Whisky Magazine to whisk(e)ys of a certain japanese distillery without at the same time disclosing to us WM readers that he was on their payroll as a 'consultant'... Perhaps that's the real reason he no longer reviews whiskeys for that publication?

And how about his giving near-perfect grades to whiskies "he" was paid to help create? Ardbeg 17 comes to mind, but there are many others... He also was on The Balvenie's payroll and at least one U.S. distillery but made sure that no one reading his rave reviews of these distilleries products were aware of his blatant conflict of interest. And then as a cherry on the cake, he goes on and on about how 'fearless' and independent he supposedly is on his book. I kid you not, the guys has absolutely no shame, not one ounce of it.

I always wonder if when he's about to give very high grades to whiskies he was paid to help create, the notion of recusing himself even cross his mind?

Doubt it... This insecure whacko who talks of wife swapping in his 'book' and basically says all Cognac is caramel-colored crap, needs to learn how to write (or get a real editor; I know I'd like one...), he also needs to take an extensive course in ethics, and --last not least -- he urgently needs to humbly thank Michael Jackson on his hands and knees for making his own career a possibility. Until then, he's nothing short of a disgrace to the whiskyworld.


Anonymous Josh said...

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9:07 AM  
Anonymous Josh said...

Sorry for that post. Should have been addressed to the following essay.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Jamie Boudreau said...

I've had the misfortune of paying $75 for a seminar with Jim Murray that was so horrible I left before it was over. It was over an hour before we were even allowed to taste one of the many whiskies that were poured before us, but the windbag refused to get to the tasting part, instead rambling on about how every whiskey that touches a sherried cask is flawed!
He is a knob.....

7:08 PM  
Blogger Nestor said...


I truly feel for you. Its too bad no one has taken him to task on total lack of ethics. I can't wait for him to show up in my neck of the woods ;-)

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am amazed that Jim Murray was picked out as being the fraud. What about Paul Pacult or the writers for Whisky Magazine? They all recieve a pound note or two for their tasting notes of high ratings. In fact Paul Pacult wrote a review for scotch malt whisky in the WaLL Street Journal some years ago, only to have "paid for by Diageo" Michale Jackson cannot be left out either. At the end of the I never really buy anthing with high rating since I know they do not have much to do with the actual quality of spirit.


6:36 AM  
Anonymous Japanesewhisky said...

I don`t know anything about the specifics of what you are saying but I would say this: the complexity of putting together a "bible" of such huge scope is going to necessitate some mistakes. I have never tried such an ambitious project but I have cocked up enough times on much smaller endeavours to know there is a need to be "Christian" about these things. Second, there are points in his reviews of Japanese single malts, an area where I have some expertise, where I had thought he had made a mistake and later discovered he was right to draw a distinction. This seems to have become the knock the official taster comment string so I am sure my caution will be unpopular but, though there I think there is a slightly overbearing nature to some of the comment on whisky in the industry, throwing dedication and expertise out with the bathwater seems a bit of a waste.

7:52 AM  
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Blogger fingerbib said...

Considering your gripes with the Whisky Bible's poor editing, you don't demonstrate a particularly high professionalism in the putting together of your piss poor moan fest. Your ironic misspelling of 'bufFoon' was the highlight for me. For someone who can not stand the bloke, you seem to know your Jim Murray trivia. He's clearly spent considerable time tracking down virtually every brand and age of whisky available, a pretty mammoth task by any standard. So how exactly does that make him a fraud? If he was wanting to plug only certain types of whisky, why would he even give a second thought to hunting out the rare and mediocre whiskies that only a select few had heard of, let alone tasted? Still, he's introduced whisky to a whole new generation, meaning the drink is as popular as it ever has been. What an asshole, eh? If only he chose to go down the route of writing faceless rants on crappy websites, maybe his existence would be more worthwhile.

7:15 AM  
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I think, that he knows a lot about whiskies and that he does not earn to receive such nasty written words.He is a "walking bible", very satisfied with himself, but when the moment is there, that someone is a "connesseur", through his knowledge, I realy do not object this human behaviour!By the way,if you were invited for a nosing/tasting or a presentation, and the organiser gives you 4 or 5 bottles of (expensive) whiskies or a cheque of 500,- P.Sterl., would you say, no thank you?

Someone from The Netherlands, who adores whisk(e)y!

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