Malt Resistance

Narrating the Rise and Fall of Single Malt Scotch.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Malt Resistance

Malt Resistance is Back!

It has been over a year since Malt Resistance has been up and running. Hurricane Katrina was the main culprit to be sure, and its arrival in our lives brutally confirmed that there are things slightly more pressing and urgent than Single Malt Scotch. (On that note, I found it rather unsurprising that very little if nothing was done -- or mentionned -- forKatrina victims in the Whisky World. Further confirmation that it is indeed as small, insular milieu.)

In the aftermath of it all, I found myself left to sip a blend (my malts having been left behind in New Orleans) at night in a cellar which I called home for the better part of last year. The blend wasn't bad, perhpas a 'best bet' when it comes to standard No Age Statement blends. So we are starting over aren't we? A best bet, great value for money, good taste with an islay backbone I would venture. Have you guessed? White Horse. (Which is fitting since I tasted the bottle in the basement of the house of a great lady who was kind enough to put me up for free a few weeks after Katrina --sight unseen no less!)

There will be more entries in the future. Here's a sampling:
--A detailled review and grade for Yamazaki 18 --perhaps the best stuff I've tasted all year.
--A nostalgic voyage back in time when Michael Jackson used to rate distilleries (not just their whiskies). We'll look at his grades for those of you who don't have the 2nd edition of his guide on hand! One thing needs not be pondered for too long: why did he stop?!
--A quick Panorama of the developments in the Whisky world besides the above.
Cheers to all!


Anonymous Whisky School said...

no idea who malt resistance is - but after a short read I am intrigued and impressed. You have an insight that is impressive

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welcome back. and thank goodness... hopefully we still find ourselves within first half of your mission statement. Rise up; vive la resistance!

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